Ms. Marryum Hafeez

Advisor | Ellyn A. McColgan Student Services Center - Career Services | Montclair State University - Feliciano School of Business

Phone: 973-655-3755
E-mail: hafeezm@mail.montclair.edu
Office #: 170D, SBUS
Ms. Marryum Hafeez

Marryum joined the Student Service team at the Feliciano School of Business In the Summer of 2016. She has been advising alongside working with career services ever since she graduated with her Masters in 2013. Her dual role as Academic Advisor and Career Service Advisor allows her to help students in many different chapters of their collegiate journey here. Marryum is passionate about higher education and enjoys her role on campus working with students. She also enjoys working with each student to find the support and motivation they need in order to succeed throughout their college career and achieve their goals.